Why Storm Boy is so valuable in 2024:

This Colt is by Spirit of Boom, one of Queensland’s leading sires a producer of Group 1 winner and stallion Jonker as well 22 individual stakes winners.



Horse Racing to the Breeding Barn, Why Storm Boy is so valuable:

We take a look at the potential lucrative rewards that can be on offer and are a huge factor as to why in recent news a colt like Storm Boy in particular is worth so much in todays market, if an owners is lucky enough to get involved in a high quality colt like Storm Boy that could potentially go on to be a Stallion attracting lucrative offers from stud farms across the country to secure the colt for their future breeding operation.

Girl Power, Its not all about the likes of Storm Boy:

Its not just about colts like Storm Boy the girls hold their own too we also look into how a well performed filly/mare and how they too can be well sought after by the major breeding operations not just in Australia but worldwide and how a well performed mare can provide a lucrative return on initial investments for owners.

Breeding Process in Australia Explained, the Importance of Well Performed Colts Like Storm Boy:

The Thoroughbred breeding process in Australia is a meticulous and strategic endeavor that plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the racing industry. The journey begins with the careful selection of breeding pairs to produce offspring with desirable traits such as speed, stamina, and conformation. This selection is based on the pedigree, racing performance, and physical attributes of the potential mates.

Once a mating decision is made, the gestation period for a Thoroughbred is around 11 months. During this time, the mare is closely monitored, and nutritional needs are carefully managed to ensure the health of both the mare and the developing foal. After birth, the foal is raised with a focus on proper nutrition, exercise, and socialization.

The ultimate goal of Thoroughbred breeding is to produce racehorses that can excel on the track. The performance of these horses directly impacts the racing industry. Successful racehorses, particularly fillies and mares, can enhance the reputation of their breeding lines and contribute significantly to the industry’s overall success.

The Storm Boy Dream, Colts and Fillies:

A well-performing filly or mare can transition to a second career as a broodmare, contributing to the gene pool of future champions. The residual value of a successful racing female is crucial in determining her worth as a broodmare. Fillies/Mares with proven track records and successful progeny become highly sought after in the breeding stock sales like the Inglis Chairman Sale and Magic Millions Breeding Sale.

Notable examples include Nimalee sold for $3.6 million and Forbidden Love sold $4.1 million, whose success on the track has made them valuable assets for stud farms. These horses can command high prices in sales due to their racing achievements and the potential for passing on their winning genes to future generations.


In the case of colts, those with exceptional racing potential may be retained by their owners or sold to stud farms for breeding purposes. The recent sale of Storm Boy for a reputed fee of $50 million to Coolmore highlights the significant value placed on top-performing colts. Stud farms are willing to invest heavily in colts with the hope that they will become successful stallions for any years to come and potentially shape the future bloodlines for decades, generating revenue through service fees and potential yearling sales.

Storm Boy has huge upside as a racehorse and could well be a shrewd investment even at that price should he go on to win the Group 1 Golden Slipper and more.




Syndicators Making This possible for Everyone to get involved in potential Storm Boy:

Syndication provides an accessible entry point for individuals to get involved in Thoroughbred ownership. Licensed and respected syndicators pool resources from multiple investors, making it more affordable to participate in the ownership of high-quality colts such as Storm Boy or fillies like Nimalee and Forbidden Love. While success in the racing industry is not guaranteed, partnering with experienced syndicators can increase the chances of achieving positive outcomes.

The Thoroughbred breeding process in Australia is intricately linked to the racing industry’s success. The value of successful fillies, mares, and colts extends beyond the racecourse, impacting the breeding stock sales and shaping the future of the industry. Syndication offers an accessible and affordable access, with the potential for lucrative returns on investment albeit not every story has a fairytale but by choosing a trusted and proven syndicator you have the best possible chance for success.


Kurrinda Bloodstock Syndications offers racehorse ownership opportunities with a commitment to transparency and owner engagement
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