Michelle Payne Exciting Training Partnership 2024

Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne announces exciting partnership with her brother Patrick Payne in 2024. Kurrinda Bloodstock offers potential owners the opportunity to get involved in racehorse shares and one day possibly have one of these top female jockeys ride your racehorse
Michelle Payne Announces Exciting Training Partnership with he Brother for 2024
Patrick and Michelle Payne have successfully combined 94 times as trainer and jockey
Two members of the powerful Payne family look set to join forces in the new racing season, which begins in August.Speaking on ITV Racing’s globally broadcast coverage of Royal Ascot on Tuesday night, Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne revealed that a training partnership with her brother Patrick is in the works.

“I’m now concentrating more on the training and loving that!” Michelle Payne said.

“I’m looking at forming a partnership with my brother Patrick, so that’s maybe on the cards for next season.” said Michelle Payne

Michelle Payne has worked as part of ITV’s presenting team at Royal Ascot for the past two years. While her days as a jockey may be coming to an end, she has enjoyed success as a dual licence-holder in recent years and has trained seven winners from her past 50 runners, the latest being Princeofnottingham at Wangaratta earlier this month.

Patrick Payne, a former jockey of international renown himself, is coming to the end of another highly successful season in his training career, boasting 77 winners at a strike-rate of 17 per cent.

The siblings have teamed up on multiple occasions already, with Michelle riding 94 winners for Patrick in her career, trailing only Harry Coffey and Billy Egan as the most-successful jockeys to have ridden for him.

Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne fit and well, eyes swan song ride as potential brother-sister training partnership blossoms

Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne is working towards a swan song race ride, amid a trial of a potential joint-training venture with brother Patrick.

Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne is working towards a swan song race ride, amid a trial of a potential joint-training venture with brother Patrick.

Michelle Payne, a dual jockey and trainer in her own right, last year confirmed the 2023-24 season would be her last in the saddle.

Michelle Payne received special permission to renew her license last year – for the second time – despite not reaching the mandated 25-ride minimum threshold.

Nasty injuries and a hectic off-track schedule, training and social engagements, limited in-demand Michelle Payne time in the saddle.

History-maker Michelle Payne, the first woman to win a Melbourne Cup, has race ridden only once this calendar year and 20 times since the current season started on August 1.

“I’m working towards that (farewell ride), see what happens I’ve got a couple months left,” Michelle Payne said.

“I’m feeling pretty fit and well, you never know what could be on the cards.” said Michelle Payne

Michelle Payne has about 10 horses in work out of brother’s private training property in Plumpton.

Aside from Michelle Payne own, including last start winners Smokin’ Princess and Judge Kellie, the 2015 Cup champion has represented brother Patrick’s stable at races the past 12 weeks.

“We’re just feeling our way a bit, see how we fit in together and make a plan from there,” Michelle Payne said of a potential future brother-sister partnership.

“I think I annoy him a bit, sometimes, but we get on pretty well, I know how he likes things done and respect his way of doing things.” said Michelle Payne

Brother Payne has enjoyed working more closely with sister Michelle Payne.

“In the past we had inflated opinions of ourselves,” Payne laughed.

“Like we’re too good for the other person, but now, as we’ve got older, we realised we’ve all got strengths and weaknesses.

“We actually complement each other, Michelle Payne been very helpful to us, I think we work well together, just got to work out the logistics of it (training partnership).

“Michelle Payne has got in-depth ideas … not all of them are going to work but you’re an idiot if you don’t listen to a lot of what Michelle Payne says.”

Michelle Payne: Pioneering Path for Women Jockeys and Inspiring New Generations

Michelle Payne’s historic victory in the 2015 Melbourne Cup is a seminal moment in Australian horse racing history. Payne became the first woman to win Australia’s most prestigious race, but her triumph represents more than a personal achievement; it symbolizes a breakthrough for female jockeys in a sport traditionally dominated by men. Payne’s journey and victory have inspired many of today’s leading female jockeys and have paved the way for their successes. Additionally, opportunities provided by organizations like Kurrinda Bloodstock are making it easier for aspiring racehorse owners to get involved, possibly with these young female stars riding their horses.

Michelle Payne’s Legacy

Michelle Payne’s career in horse racing is a testament to her resilience, skill, and determination. Her win on Prince of Penzance at odds of 100-1 shocked the racing world and broke a significant gender barrier. Payne’s journey was not easy; she faced skepticism and resistance throughout her career, enduring physical and emotional challenges along the way. Despite these obstacles, Payne’s dedication and talent shone through, culminating in her historic Melbourne Cup victory.

Breaking Stereotypes and Barriers

Michelle Payne’s win was a watershed moment that shattered long-standing stereotypes about women’s roles in racing. Historically, horse racing has been a male-dominated sport, with limited opportunities for women. Payne’s success challenged the notion that women could not compete at the highest levels, proving that gender should not be a barrier to success in horse racing.

Her victory also highlighted the importance of perseverance and self-belief. Payne often spoke about the challenges she faced, including injuries and discrimination, and her determination to succeed despite these hurdles. Her iconic post-race interview, where she declared that “girls can do anything,” resonated with many and became a rallying cry for women in the sport.

Inspiring a New Generation

Michelle Payne’s legacy extends beyond her own achievements; she has become a role model for a new generation of female jockeys. Riders like Jamie Kah, Rachel King, and Ceejay Graham have cited Payne as an inspiration, drawing strength from her example to pursue their own careers in racing. These jockeys are now among the top ranks in Australian horse racing, continuing to break new ground and achieve success.

Jamie Kah has become a leading figure in Australian racing, consistently finishing at the top of the jockey premierships. Her skill and professionalism have earned her widespread respect, and she has often acknowledged Payne’s influence on her career. Kah’s success serves as a testament to the pathways Payne has helped to forge for women in the sport.

Rachel King has also emerged as a prominent jockey, with numerous Group 1 wins to her name. Her rise in the racing world underscores the growing acceptance and recognition of female talent in the sport. King’s achievements reflect the increasing opportunities for women, inspired by trailblazers like Payne.

Ceejay Graham represents the next wave of young female jockeys making their mark. Her early success and potential signal a bright future, showing that the doors Payne helped to open are now accessible to more women than ever before.

Kurrinda Bloodstock: Bridging Owners with Future Stars

As the landscape of horse racing evolves, opportunities for racehorse ownership are also becoming more inclusive and accessible. Kurrinda Bloodstock is at the forefront of this movement, offering racehorse ownership options that cater to a broad audience. They provide affordable shares in high-quality racehorses, creating a gateway for enthusiasts to become involved in the sport, potentially with the likes of Jamie Kah, Rachel King, or Ceejay Graham riding their horses.

Affordable and Accessible Shares

Kurrinda Bloodstock’s model is built on the idea that racehorse ownership should not be reserved for the elite. They offer fractional ownership, allowing individuals to purchase shares in a racehorse at a fraction of the total cost. This approach makes owning a racehorse attainable for more people, democratizing access to the sport.

By lowering the financial barrier to entry, Kurrinda Bloodstock enables more individuals to experience the excitement and prestige of racehorse ownership. This model appeals to a wide range of enthusiasts, from seasoned racing fans to newcomers interested in the thrill of the sport. Potential owners can invest in a share that suits their budget, making the dream of owning a racehorse a reality.

High-Quality Racehorses

Despite the affordable entry point, Kurrinda Bloodstock does not compromise on the quality of the horses they offer. They focus on acquiring high-quality racehorses with strong pedigrees and potential for success on the track. This approach ensures that investors are not just buying into the idea of ownership but are also investing in horses with genuine racing prospects.

Kurrinda Bloodstock’s team of experts carefully selects each horse based on factors like breeding, conformation, and performance potential. This meticulous selection process aims to maximize the chances of success for each horse, providing owners with a rewarding and thrilling experience.

Opportunities for Female Jockeys

Kurrinda Bloodstock also recognizes the talent and potential of female jockeys, offering owners the opportunity to have their horses ridden by some of the best riders in the industry. Given the rising prominence of female jockeys like Jamie Kah, Rachel King, and Ceejay Graham, there is a strong chance that these young stars could be riding a Kurrinda Bloodstock horse in future races.

This connection adds an extra layer of excitement and prestige for owners, knowing that their investment could be associated with some of the top talents in racing. It also aligns with Kurrinda Bloodstock’s commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion in the sport, reflecting the broader changes happening in the racing industry.

The Kurrinda Bloodstock Experience

Beyond the financial investment, Kurrinda Bloodstock offers a comprehensive ownership experience designed to engage and delight their clients. They focus on providing a high level of service and support, ensuring that owners feel connected to their horses and the racing process.

Personalized Service

Kurrinda Bloodstock prides itself on offering personalized service to each of its clients. They understand that owning a racehorse is a significant commitment and aim to make the experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. From the initial purchase of shares to the day-to-day management of the horse, Kurrinda Bloodstock provides guidance and support every step of the way.

Owners receive regular updates on their horse’s progress, including training reports, race plans, and health updates. This communication helps owners feel involved and informed, enhancing their connection to the horse and the racing experience.

Access to Racing Events

One of the key benefits of racehorse ownership through Kurrinda Bloodstock is the opportunity to attend racing events and experience the thrill of competition firsthand. Owners are invited to track days, where they can watch their horse train and meet the trainers and jockeys. This behind-the-scenes access provides a unique insight into the world of horse racing.

On race days, Kurrinda Bloodstock arranges for owners to enjoy hospitality at the track, including access to exclusive areas and the chance to celebrate with other owners. This VIP experience adds to the excitement of watching their horse compete and creates lasting memories for the owners.

Community and Networking

Kurrinda Bloodstock fosters a sense of community among its owners, encouraging networking and social interaction. They organize events and gatherings where owners can meet like-minded individuals, share their passion for racing, and build relationships. This community aspect enhances the ownership experience, making it more than just a financial investment but a social and recreational activity as well.

Educational Resources

For those new to horse racing, Kurrinda Bloodstock provides educational resources to help them understand the intricacies of the sport. They offer seminars, workshops, and informational materials covering topics such as horse care, racing tactics, and the business of racing. These resources help owners become more knowledgeable and engaged participants in the racing world.


Michelle Payne’s groundbreaking Melbourne Cup victory has had a profound impact on the world of horse racing, inspiring a new generation of female jockeys and challenging long-standing gender norms in the sport. Her legacy lives on in the successes of riders like Jamie Kah, Rachel King, and Ceejay Graham, who continue to push boundaries and achieve remarkable results.

Organizations like Kurrinda Bloodstock are making it easier for enthusiasts to become part of this exciting world by offering affordable and accessible racehorse ownership options. Their model democratizes ownership, providing a gateway for more people to experience the thrill of racing and possibly have their horses ridden by some of the top female jockeys in the industry.

The comprehensive ownership experience offered by Kurrinda Bloodstock, including personalized service, access to racing events, community engagement, and educational resources, ensures that owners feel connected and involved in their horse’s journey. This approach not only enhances the enjoyment of racehorse ownership but also supports the broader growth and inclusivity of the sport.

As the racing industry continues to evolve, the contributions of pioneers like Michelle Payne and innovative organizations like Kurrinda Bloodstock are shaping a more diverse and accessible future for horse racing. Their efforts are creating new opportunities and inspiring a wider audience to engage with the sport, ensuring that horse racing remains a vibrant and exciting part of Australian culture.

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Anders X Happy Pilgrim Colt



This Colt is by Widden Stud’s very exciting young stallion Anders, son of champion sire Not A Single Doubt.

Anders first yearlings have been hugely popular at the sale in 2024 with his yearlings averaging $194k at the January Magic Millions sale making this colt great value.

His dam Happy Pilgrim herself a 3 time winning half sister to Snipzu the Group and Stakes placed dam of 5 runners for 5 winners to date.

Including 3 individual Group and Stakes
horses, most recently the twice Group 1 placed (Blue Diamond and Inglis Sires Produce) Don Corleone.

This Colt is a ½ brother to our very promising 2yo trial winner Private Harry, a horse we have a very high opinion of after winning his trial very impressively.

Beating the subsequent
Blue Diamond Prelude Group 3 placed Holmes A Court and Group 3 Kindergarten placed Halliet in the process.

The Colt was presented at the Inglis Classic Sale by Rheinwood Pastoral, in recent times Rheinwood have produced the highly exciting colt Libertad.

A winner of the Group 3 Kindergarten Stakes at 2 and the Group 3 San Domenico (just like Anders) highlighting their ability to produce top class racehorses to compete at the highest level.

He is a quality early looking sprinting type and shared a lot of similar characteristics to his brother Private Harry. He had a great action and looks very precocious.

He is trained by Nathan Doyle out of the excellent state of the art Newcastle facilities just like his brother. This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Inglis race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

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image 1

Cosmic Force X Miss Marilyn Colt


This Colt is by Newgate Farm’s exciting first season sire Cosmic Force, already doing a great job with only a handful of runners so far.

Producing 3 individual Stakes horses including the Blue Diamond Prelude Group 3 runner up Stay Focused and Inglis Nursery runner up Beer Baron.

His dam Miss Marilyn a winner at 1100m is a half sister to the illustrious Group 1 The Galaxy sprint winning earner of over $1.7 million Mistegic and Stakes winner of no less than 11 individual wins Rightson.

This Colt was a real standout for us at the sale from the moment we laid eyes on him we knew we were bringing him home.

He ticked a lot of boxes for us he moved effortlessly, is so well balanced and oozed class. Every time we saw him he just came out and paraded like the utmost professional.

He was presented at the Inglis Classic sale and comes off the Boutique nursery Riverstone Lodge an upbringing that will see him have every chance for success on the track.

He will be trained by Nathan Doyle in Newcastle where he will get every chance.

This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Inglis race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

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