Lucrative Horse Racing Bonus Schemes 2024

Horse Racing Bonus Schemes explained in detail by Kurrinda Bloodstock, how you can target these lucrative schemes and race series as an owner and benefit form the incredible prize money on offer in the world of horse racing at the minute

In Australia, lucrative horse racing bonus schemes are a major incentive in the thoroughbred racing industry, aimed at enhancing the prize money for owners, breeders, and trainers of eligible horses.

These horse racing bonus schemes, like BOBS, QTIS, and VOBIS, vary by state and offer substantial financial rewards in addition to standard race prize money.

Here’s a breakdown of the horse racing bonus schemes:

State-Based Horse Racing Bonus Schemes

1. BOBS (Breeder Owner Horse Racing Bonus Scheme) – New South Wales (NSW)

  • Eligibility: BOBS is for horses sired by eligible stallions nominated to the scheme.
  • Benefits:
    • Owners and breeders can win bonuses on top of regular prize money.
    • BOBS Double Up: Winners can choose to double their bonus as a credit towards purchasing another BOBS-eligible yearling.
    • Races: Applicable to two, three, and four-year-old horses racing in NSW.
  • Bonus Amounts: Bonuses vary but can significantly enhance the prize, often adding tens of thousands of dollars to the earnings.

2. QTIS (Queensland Thoroughbred Horse Racing Bonus Scheme) – Queensland

  • Eligibility: QTIS is for Queensland-bred horses nominated to the scheme.
  • Benefits:
    • Offers substantial bonuses on top of prize money for races in Queensland.
    • QTIS Jewel: A special race series for QTIS-eligible horses with significant prize pools.
    • QTISx: A component of the scheme that targets older horses, extending the earning potential beyond the initial age group.
  • Horse Racing Bonus Amounts: Bonuses can range up to 100% of the base prize money, significantly increasing total earnings.

3. VOBIS (Victorian Owners and Breeders Horse Racing Bonus Scheme) – Victoria

  • Eligibility: VOBIS applies to horses bred in Victoria and nominated to the scheme.
  • Benefits:
    • Super VOBIS: Initial bonuses for two and three-year-old races.
    • VOBIS Gold: Additional bonuses for nominated horses extending to open-age races.
    • VOBIS Sires: Enhances rewards for progeny of nominated Victorian-based stallions.
    • VOBIS Platinum: Further enhances the prize pool for races designated as Platinum.
  • Horse Racing Bonus Amounts: VOBIS bonuses can add tens of thousands of dollars to the winnings, and VOBIS Gold races can offer significant prize money enhancements.

Sales-Based Horse Racing Bonus Schemes

1. Magic Millions

  • Race Series: The Magic Millions Race Series is exclusive to graduates of Magic Millions sales. The pinnacle event is the Magic Millions Gold Coast Race Day, featuring a $10.25 million prize pool.
    • Notable Races: Magic Millions 2YO Classic and 3YO Guineas.
  • Horse Racing Bonus Scheme: Magic Millions graduates can compete for the bonuses by nominating for the Race Series. Bonuses are often paid on top of race winnings, providing substantial financial incentives.

2. Inglis

  • Race Series: Inglis offers the Inglis Race Series for eligible horses purchased at their sales, culminating in high-stakes races.
    • Notable Races: Inglis Millennium and Inglis Sires, among others, with significant prize pools.
  • Horse Racing Bonus Scheme: Owners can nominate their purchases for the Inglis Bonus Series, which offers additional rewards for winning specified races, often worth thousands of dollars.

Lucrative Race Series

Both Magic Millions and Inglis host races with substantial prize pools:

  • Magic Millions:
    • Magic Millions 2YO Classic: A race for two-year-olds with a multimillion-dollar prize.
    • Magic Millions 3YO Guineas: Targets three-year-olds with a similarly lucrative prize.
    • Magic Millions Day: Offers a variety of races across different categories, enhancing the value proposition for Magic Millions graduates.
  • Inglis:
    • Inglis Millennium: Features a $2 million prize pool, focusing on two-year-olds.
    • Inglis Sires: High-value races for three-year-olds and older horses, showcasing top talent from Inglis sales.

Overall Impact on Earnings

All these Horse Racing bonus schemes are designed to significantly boost the earnings of racehorse owners beyond the standard prize money. Owners of horses eligible for these schemes can enjoy:

  • Increased Prize Money: Bonus payouts can substantially increase the total amount won per race.
  • Extended Earning Potential: Schemes often cover multiple races and age groups, allowing horses to continue earning bonuses throughout their careers.
  • Enhanced Value for Breeders and Owners: These bonuses make certain yearlings more attractive, increasing their market value and offering breeders a premium on sales.


In essence, state-based Horse Racing Bonus schemes like BOBS, QTIS, and VOBIS, along with sales-based incentives from Magic Millions and Inglis, provide considerable financial rewards that complement standard prize money.

These Horse racing bonus, alongside prestigious race series, make racehorse ownership and breeding more financially rewarding, encouraging investment in high-quality thoroughbreds and participation in key racing events.

New Horse Racing Bonus Schemes:

Inglis Horse Racing Bonus Scheme

thumbnail image001 main

The Inglis Race Series will be boosted by a game-changing $5m worth of Horse Racing bonus for eligible horses who win their Maiden.

The introduction of the Inglis Xtra Bonus Series will see 50 Maidens be incentivised with a $100,000 bonus to the winner.

Connections of a winner of a designated Maiden will receive the $100,000 bonus if the horse is an Inglis graduate and paid up for the Inglis Race Series.

The new concept will see the Inglis Race Series jump to $12.55m in the 2024/25  as all existing races – Inglis Millennium, Inglis Sprint, Inglis Banner, Inglis Nursery, Inglis Bracelet and Inglis Challenge – as well as the Inglis Pink Bonuses will remain.

As part of the Inglis Xtra Bonus Series, 50 Maidens will be selected to carry the bonus with a focus on NSW and Victoria, while Horse Racing bonuses are also planned for Queensland.

The Maidens will range from 900m to 2000m and be for eligible 3YO and up horses.

Inglis Bloodstock CEO Sebastian Hutch believed the new Maiden Series would incentivise every buyer, starting at the Classic Sale.

As we mentioned with the introduction of the Pink Bonus 12 months ago, we are always looking at ways to develop our Race Series.

This initiative gives investors through our sales the opportunity to win more races and more prizemoney, more often.

The respective racing authorities have done an incredible job driving increases in prizemoney, particularly at the top end – there will be 89 races for $1m or more in Australia in 2023.

We wanted to enhance our Race Series with a concept that complimented those top-level increases.

The hardest race for a horse to win is their Maiden and not all horses get to a top level so we believe this concept will give every buyer/owner an opportunity to win extraordinary prizemoney at the entry level of racing.

Effectively, owners will have the opportunity to win ‘Inglis’ prizemoney every week of the year and the plan is for these races to be everywhere, major country carnivals to midweek metro to provincial.

$100,000 is going to be an enormous carrot for owners of eligible horses and we are expecting the designated Maidens to be targeted and bonuses to be won regularly through the 2024/25 season and beyond.

Sebastian Hutch

The Inglis Xtra Bonus Series will be for horses born in 2021 and beyond that are paid up for the Inglis Race Series.

The specific races themselves will be confirmed once the 2024/25 Australian racing season schedule is released next year.

Magic Million Horse Racing Bonus Scheme

More Opportunity For Horse Racing Bonus

28 races conducted across six states of Australia for horses of all ages annually from the 2024/25 racing season, as the ground-breaking Magic Millions Race Series expansion is fully realised.

In January 2025 a new six race program on the eve of Magic Millions Raceday including five Magic Millions feature races worth $2.25m will be held under lights at the Gold Coast Turf Club.

Plus also from January 2025, the Magic Millions Cup doubles to $2m and the Racing Queensland Magic Millions QTIS increases to $1.5m!

These enhancements are in addition to the 2024 prizemoney increases to The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions 2YO Classic & Gold Coast Magic Millions 3YO Guineas, now run for $3m each annually, and new races highlighted by the second $250,000 Magic Millions Maiden (1400m) and the $1m Magic Millions National 2YO Classic (1000m) programmed in May to coincide with the Magic Millions National Sale.

More Quality

Six races recognised with Restricted Listed black type

More Reward

From 2024/25 the series will offer in excess of $20.79 million in prizemoney and bonuses nationally including a $14.75 million Raceday on the Gold Coast in January 2025! The Magic Millions Race Series is the world’s richest and best sales restricted series.

More Race Series

GC Tile 300x200.jpgThere is nothing quite like having a runner in a Magic Millions race and even better taking first place prize.  Don’t miss your chance to participate in the fun and excitement of the world’s first and richest sales restricted race series, and share in the opportunity to compete for huge prizemoney year after year.

With races programmed nationally for all ages and distances across a horse’s racing lifetime, the broad distribution of Magic Millions Race Series prizemoney is without equal.

Nomination is exclusive to graduates (must be sold or passed in) of the Magic Millions Yearling Sales Series (live auction format only).

The Magic Millions Race Series is not just one raceday or one race. As well as our world renowned showcase Gold Coast races held annually during January’s showcase Gold Coast Yearling Sale, we hold feature events each racing season across six states; at Caulfield (VIC – new venue in December 2024), Wyong (NSW), Pinjarra (WA), Murray Bridge (SA) and Launceston (TAS).

Races are programmed for 2YOs and up from 1000m-2200m.

View the national program of races for the 2023/24 racing season here. The program for the new 2024/25 racing season will be published in July.

View information on how to nominate and the nomination fees here

Magic Millions Racing Women

Race 3 Skirt The Law Owners 19 01 23 MM Race Day Sharon Lee Chapman 0521 300x200.jpgNominating your yearling to the full Race Series is also the only way to get involved in our world-first incentive to promote the growth of female participation in the industry, specifically female racehorse ownership – the Magic Millions Racing Women’s Bonus.

Since 2013, in addition to the rich prizemoney in the renowned Magic Millions 2YO Classic, a $500,000 Horse Racing Bonus has been distributed to the connections of the first four all female owned or leased horses in finishing order.

2YO Racing Women’s Horse Racing Bonus Distribution – $500,000

1st – $325,000 (65%) plus $3,500 trophy
2nd – $100,000 (20%)
3rd – $50,000 (10%)
4th – $25,000 (5%)

The world first 2YO Magic Millions Racing Women’s Horse Racing Bonus of $500,000 will again be on offer in the 2025 $3m The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions 2YO Classic so don’t forget to nominate your 2024 yearling purchases! 

In January 2020, the Racing Women’s Bonus expanded to include an annual $250,000 3YO Bonus, on offer to the first four eligible all female owned or leased horses in the $3m Gold Coast Magic Millions 3YO Guineas.

There is now $750,000 in Racing Women’s Bonuses on offer annually at The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions Raceday!

3YO Racing Women’s Horse Racing Bonus Distribution – $250,000

1st – $162,500 (65%) plus $2,500 trophy
2nd – $50,000 (20%)
3rd – $25,000 (10%)
4th – $12,500 (5%)

Kurrinda Bloodstock Aims To Target Lucrative Horse Racing Bonus Schemes:

Getting involved with a trusted and proven syndicator like Kurrinda Bloodstock offers a strategic advantage for potential racehorse owners. Syndicators like Kurrinda Bloodstock provide expertise in horse selection, maximizing access to lucrative bonus schemes, and ensuring participation in premier racing series. Here’s how Kurrinda Bloodstock can enhance your racehorse ownership experience:

Leveraging Horse Racing Bonus Bonus Schemes and Race Series with Kurrinda Bloodstock

1. Access to Lucrative Horse Racing Bonus Schemes

Kurrinda Bloodstock actively participates in the most profitable bonus schemes across Australia, including BOBS (NSW), QTIS (QLD), and VOBIS (VIC). By investing with Kurrinda, owners can benefit from:

  • Strategic Horse Selection: Kurrinda Bloodstock meticulously selects yearlings and young horses eligible for these bonus schemes. This involves choosing horses sired by stallions and bred in states that align with specific bonus criteria.
  • Enhanced Prize Money: Horses registered in these schemes can earn substantial bonuses on top of standard race winnings, increasing the overall returns for owners. For instance:
    • BOBS: Allows for significant earnings on top of prize money in NSW races, with additional options like BOBS Double Up.
    • QTIS: Offers enhanced prize pools for winning horses in Queensland, including special race series like the QTIS Jewel.
    • VOBIS: Provides various layers of bonuses in Victoria, such as VOBIS Gold and VOBIS Sires, maximizing financial returns.

2. Participation in High-Value Race Series

Kurrinda Bloodstock positions its syndicate-owned horses to compete in elite race series, including:

  • Magic Millions Race Series: A prestigious series exclusive to Magic Millions sale graduates, featuring races with multi-million dollar prize pools like the Magic Millions 2YO Classic and 3YO Guineas. Kurrinda ensures that eligible horses are nominated, providing opportunities to compete for significant earnings.
  • Inglis Race Series: Another top-tier series for horses purchased through Inglis sales. By participating in these races, Kurrinda Bloodstock’s horses can vie for substantial rewards in events like the Inglis Millennium.

3. Proven Selection and Training Partnerships

Kurrinda Bloodstock leverages its industry expertise and relationships with top trainers to maximize the success of its syndicate-owned horses:

  • Expert Selection Process: Kurrinda’s team uses a thorough vetting process to choose horses that not only have the physical and genetic potential for racing success but also meet eligibility criteria for bonus schemes and race series. This includes detailed analysis of pedigrees, conformation, and racing potential.
  • Top Trainers Collaboration: Kurrinda collaborates with leading trainers, ensuring that horses receive top-notch care, training, and preparation for targeted races. These partnerships are crucial in developing horses to compete effectively in races that offer bonus incentives and significant prize money.
  • Strategic Planning: Horses are placed in training programs and race schedules designed to capitalize on their eligibility for bonus schemes and race series. This strategic approach involves selecting races that not only suit the horse’s development and performance but also align with the most lucrative financial opportunities.

Benefits to Owners

Investing with Kurrinda Bloodstock allows owners to:

  • Maximize Returns: By participating in bonus schemes and high-value race series, owners can significantly enhance their financial returns beyond standard race winnings.
  • Mitigate Risk: Kurrinda’s careful selection and management of horses, combined with their collaboration with top trainers, help to mitigate risks associated with racehorse ownership, such as injuries or underperformance.
  • Enjoy the Racing Experience: Owners can experience the thrill of top-level racing, with their horses competing in prestigious races and potentially earning significant bonuses, all while being part of a supportive ownership group.


Partnering with Kurrinda Bloodstock provides a structured and informed approach to racehorse ownership, leveraging their expertise in horse selection and training to target the most lucrative bonus schemes and race series. This strategy not only enhances potential financial returns but also enriches the overall experience for owners, allowing them to be part of a successful and dynamic racing syndicate.

Check out all of our available syndicates now by visiting our website

Some of our Available yearlings with Race Horse shares below who could target the lucrative horse racing bonus schemes:



Anders X Happy Pilgrim Colt


This Colt is by Widden Stud’s very exciting young stallion Anders, son of champion sire Not A Single Doubt.

Anders first yearlings have been hugely popular at the sale in 2024 with his yearlings averaging $194k at the January Magic Millions sale making this colt great value.

His dam Happy Pilgrim herself a 3 time winning half sister to Snipzu the Group and Stakes placed dam of 5 runners for 5 winners to date.

Including 3 individual Group and Stakes
horses, most recently the twice Group 1 placed (Blue Diamond and Inglis Sires Produce) Don Corleone.

This Colt is a ½ brother to our very promising 2yo trial winner Private Harry, a horse we have a very high opinion of after winning his trial very impressively.

Beating the subsequent
Blue Diamond Prelude Group 3 placed Holmes A Court and Group 3 Kindergarten placed Halliet in the process.

The Colt was presented at the Inglis Classic Sale by Rheinwood Pastoral, in recent times Rheinwood have produced the highly exciting colt Libertad.

A winner of the Group 3 Kindergarten Stakes at 2 and the Group 3 San Domenico (just like Anders) highlighting their ability to produce top class racehorses to compete at the highest level.

He is a quality early looking sprinting type and shared a lot of similar characteristics to his brother Private Harry. He had a great action and looks very precocious.

He is trained by Nathan Doyle out of the excellent state of the art Newcastle facilities just like his brother. This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Inglis race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

To check out all available racehorse shares opportunities jump over to our website now

image 1

Cosmic Force X Miss Marilyn Colt

This Colt is by Newgate Farm’s exciting first season sire Cosmic Force, already doing a great job with only a handful of runners so far.

Producing 3 individual Stakes horses including the Blue Diamond Prelude Group 3 runner up Stay Focused and Inglis Nursery runner up Beer Baron.

His dam Miss Marilyn a winner at 1100m is a half sister to the illustrious Group 1 The Galaxy sprint winning earner of over $1.7 million Mistegic and Stakes winner of no less than 11 individual wins Rightson.

This Colt was a real standout for us at the sale from the moment we laid eyes on him we knew we were bringing him home.

He ticked a lot of boxes for us he moved effortlessly, is so well balanced and oozed class. Every time we saw him he just came out and paraded like the utmost professional.

He was presented at the Inglis Classic sale and comes off the Boutique nursery Riverstone Lodge an upbringing that will see him have every chance for success on the track.

He will be trained by Nathan Doyle in Newcastle where he will get every chance.

This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Inglis race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

To check out all available racehorse shares opportunities and all the latest horse racing bonus news jump over to our website now


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