Legendary Horse Trainer Gai Waterhouse Sparks Heated Debate Amid Track Conditions in 2024

Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott one of the most powerful and successful training partnerships in the Australian Racing Scene, have had an incredible 2024 season and look to go even better next season. Kurrinda Bloodstock offers owners the chance to get involved in racehorse shares with the stable
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Legendary horse trainer Gai Waterhouse has sparked a heated debate in the racing community with her recent tweet criticising the frequent postponement and abandonment of races and trials due to rain.

In her tweet, Gai Waterhouse questioned the decision-making behind these cancellations, arguing that heavy tracks are safer for horses as they slow down the race, potentially reducing the risk of accidents. Gai Waterhouse highlighted the practice in Europe and New Zealand, where races continue on significantly heavier tracks compared to those in Australia.

“What has gone wrong with racing? Rain – and the races/trials are postponed which in every case means abandoned,”Gai Waterhouse tweeted. “Heavy tracks are safer than every other type, they go slower and there are less accidents. They race in Europe and NZ on much heavier tracks.”

Gai Waterhouse also emphasised the financial impact of abandoned meetings, pointing out that the cost is a burden on everyone involved in the industry. “The cost of abandoned meetings is very real – money out of all our pockets,” Gai Waterhouse added.

Gai Waterhouse concluded her tweet with a call for the industry to be more resilient, remarking, “It is winter. We have all become mindless marshmallows. Racing should toughen up.”

The tweet has garnered significant attention, with many in the racing industry expressing support for Gai Waterhouse’s stance, while others argue that safety and animal welfare should remain the top priority.

As the debate continues, Gai Waterhouse’s comments have undoubtedly reignited discussions on how best to balance safety, tradition, and financial considerations in the world of horse racing.

Gai Waterhouse is a prominent figure in the Australian horse racing industry, known for her exceptional achievements and contributions as a racehorse trainer. Here’s an overview of how she established herself in the horse racing training ranks:

Gai Waterhouse Early Life and Background

  • Family Legacy: Gai Waterhouse was born into a racing family. Her father, Tommy J. Smith, was a legendary trainer who held numerous records in Australian horse racing. Growing up in this environment, she was exposed to the intricacies of the sport from a young age.
  • Education and Training: Before fully committing to horse racing, Gai pursued a career in acting and studied in London. However, her passion for racing led her back to Australia, where she began her training under the guidance of her father.

Gai Waterhouse Establishing Her Career

  • Training License: Gai received her training license in 1992 after a lengthy legal battle to overcome the Australian Jockey Club’s (AJC) resistance to licensing female trainers. This was a significant milestone in her career and for women in the sport.
  • First Major Win: In her first year as a trainer, Gai won the Group One Metropolitan Handicap with a horse named Te Akau Nick. This early success set the tone for her future career.

Gai Waterhouse Achievements and Milestones

  • Group One Wins: Gai Waterhouse has trained over 140 Group One winners, a testament to her skill and consistency. Some of her notable victories include the Melbourne Cup, Golden Slipper, and Caulfield Cup.
  • Melbourne Cup Victory: In 2013, Gai became the first female Australian trainer to win the Melbourne Cup with Fiorente, cementing her status as a top trainer.
  • Golden Slipper Success: She has won the prestigious Golden Slipper Stakes multiple times, showcasing her ability to train young, talented horses.

Gai Waterhouse Training Techniques and Philosophy

  • Attention to Detail: Gai is known for her meticulous attention to detail in training and her innovative techniques. She places great emphasis on the individual needs of each horse.
  • Fitness and Conditioning: She focuses on the fitness and conditioning of her horses, ensuring they are in peak physical condition for races.
  • Mental Preparation: Gai also believes in the mental preparation of horses, using various methods to keep them calm and focused.

Gai Waterhouse Influence and Legacy

  • Mentorship: Gai has mentored and inspired many upcoming trainers, particularly women, breaking down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
  • Industry Impact: Her success has contributed significantly to the prominence and popularity of horse racing in Australia. She is often seen as an ambassador for the sport.

Gai Waterhouse Personal Traits

  • Charisma and Media Presence: Gai’s charismatic personality and media savvy have made her a well-known public figure beyond the racing community. Her confidence and enthusiasm are infectious, attracting a broad audience to the sport.
  • Resilience: Her career has seen its share of challenges, including legal battles and industry resistance, but her resilience and determination have been key to her enduring success.

Gai Waterhouse’s journey in horse racing is marked by groundbreaking achievements, a commitment to excellence, and a lasting impact on the industry. Her legacy continues to inspire and shape the future of horse racing in Australia and beyond.

In 2024, Kurrinda Bloodstock has embarked on an exciting venture by sending horses to be trained by the renowned Waterhouse/Bott partnership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities and promises to elevate their standing in the horse racing industry.

The Gai Waterhouse/Bott Partnership

  • Gai Waterhouse: A legendary figure in Australian horse racing, Gai Waterhouse’s reputation is built on decades of success, including over 140 Group One wins and notable victories in the Melbourne Cup and Golden Slipper.
  • Adrian Bott: Since partnering with Gai Waterhouse in 2016, Adrian Bott has brought fresh perspectives and strategies to the stable. Together, they have maintained a high level of performance, blending Waterhouse’s experience with Bott’s innovative approach.

Kurrinda Bloodstock

  • Syndication Expertise: Kurrinda Bloodstock is a trusted and proven syndication company, known for its meticulous selection process and commitment to providing opportunities for horse racing enthusiasts to own shares in racehorses.
  • Growth Trajectory: Over the years, Kurrinda Bloodstock has steadily grown, gaining a reputation for their ability to identify and develop promising racehorses. Their syndication model has attracted a diverse group of owners, contributing to the sport’s popularity and accessibility.

Significance of the Collaboration

  • Trust and Proven Success: Kurrinda Bloodstock’s decision to send horses to the Gai Waterhouse/Bott partnership is a testament to the trust and confidence they have in this training duo. The partnership’s track record of success and their reputation for excellence make them an ideal choice for Kurrinda’s horses.
  • Strategic Growth: This move represents a strategic step for Kurrinda Bloodstock as they continue to expand their presence in the racehorse shares market. Collaborating with top-tier trainers like Gai Waterhouse and Bott positions Kurrinda Bloodstock for further success and visibility in the industry.
  • Enhanced Performance: With Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott’s expertise, Kurrinda Bloodstock’s horses are likely to benefit from top-notch training, innovative techniques, and a well-established support system. This enhances their chances of performing well in races, adding value for the syndicate owners.
  • Market Confidence: The collaboration signals confidence to potential investors and syndicate members. By aligning with a renowned training team, Kurrinda Bloodstock strengthens its market position, making their syndication offerings even more attractive.

Impact on the Horse Racing Industry

  • Increased Interest: High-profile collaborations like this tend to generate increased interest in the sport, drawing attention from media, investors, and racing enthusiasts.
  • Raising Standards: The partnership between Kurrinda Bloodstock and Gai Waterhouse/Bott sets a high standard for horse syndication and training, encouraging other entities to strive for excellence.
  • Broader Participation: By making it easier for people to own shares in racehorses, Kurrinda Bloodstock is helping to democratize the sport, making it more inclusive and accessible.

Future Prospects

  • Continued Success: The horses from Kurrinda Bloodstock trained by Waterhouse and Bott are expected to compete at high levels, potentially securing significant wins and accolades.
  • Innovation and Development: Both Kurrinda Bloodstock and the Waterhouse/Bott partnership are known for their innovative approaches. This collaboration is likely to bring new ideas and advancements to the industry.
  • Long-term Relationship: If successful, this venture could lead to a long-term relationship between Kurrinda Bloodstock and the Waterhouse/Bott team, further solidifying their influence and success in the horse racing world.

In conclusion, Kurrinda Bloodstock’s decision to collaborate with the Gai Waterhouse/Bott partnership in 2024 is a significant and strategic move. It highlights the trust and confidence in the training team and represents a major step in Kurrinda’s growth trajectory in the racehorse shares market. This partnership is poised to deliver enhanced performance, attract broader participation, and set new standards in the industry.

Racehorse Shares:

Choosing Kurrinda Bloodstock for your racehorse shares offers several compelling advantages. Here are the key reasons why investors and horse racing enthusiasts might opt for Kurrinda Bloodstock:

Proven Track Record

  • Successful Syndications: Kurrinda Bloodstock has a history of successful syndications, demonstrating their ability to select promising horses and manage them effectively.
  • High-Performing Horses: Many horses syndicated by Kurrinda Bloodstock have achieved significant success on the racetrack, providing strong returns on investment.

Expertise and Experience

  • Industry Knowledge: The team at Kurrinda Bloodstock possesses deep knowledge and experience in the horse racing industry, from selecting the right horses to partnering with top trainers.
  • Professional Management: Investors can rely on Kurrinda’s professional management for all aspects of horse ownership, including training, care, and race planning.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Top Trainers: Kurrinda Bloodstock collaborates with some of the best trainers in the industry, such as the Gai Waterhouse/Bott partnership. This ensures that their horses receive top-tier training and management.
  • Quality Bloodstock: Their ability to secure high-quality bloodstock from reputable sources increases the likelihood of racing success.

Transparent Communication

  • Regular Updates: Kurrinda Bloodstock provides investors with regular updates on their horses’ progress, including training reports, race plans, and performance reviews.
  • Open Access: Investors have access to detailed information and can engage with the management team to stay informed about their investments.

Comprehensive Services

  • Full-Service Syndication: Kurrinda offers a full range of services, from the initial purchase and syndication of horses to ongoing management and racing preparation.
  • Support for Owners: They provide support for all aspects of horse ownership, including logistics, administration, and hospitality on race days.

Community and Networking

  • Owner Community: Being part of Kurrinda Bloodstock means joining a community of like-minded racing enthusiasts and investors, providing networking opportunities and shared experiences.
  • Events and Engagements: They organize events and engagements for owners to connect, celebrate successes, and enjoy the thrill of racing together.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

  • Affordable Entry Points: Kurrinda Bloodstock offers various ownership options, making it easier for new investors to get involved in horse racing at different investment levels.
  • Democratizing Ownership: By providing fractional ownership, they make it possible for more people to participate in the exciting world of horse racing.

Future Growth Potential

  • Strategic Vision: Kurrinda Bloodstock has a clear vision for growth and expansion, continually seeking new opportunities to enhance their offerings and deliver value to investors.
  • Innovative Approaches: Their willingness to adopt innovative approaches and strategies in horse selection and training keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

Reputation and Trust

  • Credibility: Kurrinda Bloodstock has built a strong reputation for integrity, transparency, and reliability in the industry.
  • Positive Feedback: Testimonials and positive feedback from existing investors highlight the company’s commitment to delivering a rewarding ownership experience.

Notable Successes

  • High-Profile Wins: Horses managed by Kurrinda Bloodstock have achieved high-profile wins and performed well in major races, adding to their credibility and appeal.

Choosing Kurrinda Bloodstock for your racehorse shares means investing with a trusted, experienced, and innovative syndication company dedicated to providing an exceptional ownership experience and maximising the potential for racing success.

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Anders X Happy Pilgrim Colt



Anders X Happy Pilgrim Colt



This Colt is by Widden Stud’s very exciting young stallion Anders, son of champion sire Not A Single Doubt.

Anders first yearlings have been hugely popular at the sale in 2024 with his yearlings averaging $194k at the January Magic Millions sale making this colt great value.

His dam Happy Pilgrim herself a 3 time winning half sister to Snipzu the Group and Stakes placed dam of 5 runners for 5 winners to date.

Including 3 individual Group and Stakes
horses, most recently the twice Group 1 placed (Blue Diamond and Inglis Sires Produce) Don Corleone.

This Colt is a ½ brother to our very promising 2yo trial winner Private Harry, a horse we have a very high opinion of after winning his trial very impressively.

Beating the subsequent
Blue Diamond Prelude Group 3 placed Holmes A Court and Group 3 Kindergarten placed Halliet in the process.

The Colt was presented at the Inglis Classic Sale by Rheinwood Pastoral, in recent times Rheinwood have produced the highly exciting colt Libertad.

A winner of the Group 3 Kindergarten Stakes at 2 and the Group 3 San Domenico (just like Anders) highlighting their ability to produce top class racehorses to compete at the highest level.

He is a quality early looking sprinting type and shared a lot of similar characteristics to his brother Private Harry. He had a great action and looks very precocious.

He is trained by Nathan Doyle out of the excellent state of the art Newcastle facilities just like his brother. This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Inglis race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

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Cosmic Force X Miss Marilyn Colt

image 1

Cosmic Force X Miss Marilyn Colt


This Colt is by Newgate Farm’s exciting first season sire Cosmic Force, already doing a great job with only a handful of runners so far.

Producing 3 individual Stakes horses including the Blue Diamond Prelude Group 3 runner up Stay Focused and Inglis Nursery runner up Beer Baron.

His dam Miss Marilyn a winner at 1100m is a half sister to the illustrious Group 1 The Galaxy sprint winning earner of over $1.7 million Mistegic and Stakes winner of no less than 11 individual wins Rightson.

This Colt was a real standout for us at the sale from the moment we laid eyes on him we knew we were bringing him home.

He ticked a lot of boxes for us he moved effortlessly, is so well balanced and oozed class. Every time we saw him he just came out and paraded like the utmost professional.

He was presented at the Inglis Classic sale and comes off the Boutique nursery Riverstone Lodge an upbringing that will see him have every chance for success on the track.

He will be trained by Nathan Doyle in Newcastle where he will get every chance.

This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Inglis race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

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Star Turn X Bleue Pepite Colt

Star Turn x Bleue Pepite

Star turn X Bleue Pepite


This colt is by the Group 1 producing sire Star Turn and out of the Fastnet Rock mare Bleue Pepite who has already produced top quality racehorses including the $400k earner and 6 time winner Ruban Bleu as well as 5 time winner La Defense.

Bleue Pepite is a half sister to the Group 3 winning mare Think Bleue.

This Colt is extremely well balanced and a showed a fantastic willing workmanlike attitude. He was well put together with plenty of scope.

He will be trained by recent $500k 2yo Magic Millions debutant winning training Chris Anderson out of his state of the art Eagle Farm, Brisbane facilities. He is eligible for the Magic Millions race series as well as both the lucrative BOBS and QTIS bonus schemes.

Trusted syndicators like Kurrinda Bloodstock, with their industry expertise and proven track record, make this dream achievable for aspiring owners by offering affordable ownership opportunities and a rewarding racehorse ownership experience.

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Kurrinda Bloodstock a registered racehorse syndicator that goes above and beyond for their owners. A proven and trusted racehorse syndicator with over 48 years of experience and proven success to back it up, find your next winner with us
Kurrinda Bloodstock Syndications offers racehorse ownership opportunities with a commitment to transparency and owner engagement
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