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We have a very special feature for our October newsletter for you as we get to know that little bit more about Genevieve Driver. Director & In-House Legal.

Q- How would you describe your job to a child?
A- I spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

Q- Did you originally come from a horse background?
A- No, I didn’t! I did spend a lot of my childhood on a dairy farm though. I was a litigation lawyer for roughly 15 years. That has now evolved into me doing all the legal and compliance behind the scenes with Kurrinda. Everything I have learned about horses is from Sean.

Q- What was your initial thoughts of the Kurrinda Bloodstock idea when it was put out there?
A- It evolved naturally. Kurrinda always existed as a result of Sean’s grandfather. Sean and I started with one horse and the rest occurred over time (more horses, the farm and so on).

Q- What is your biggest achievement to date personal or professional?
A- I always find these questions difficult to answer! I think that a lot of experiences in life (good and bad) make us who we are.

Q- What is your favourite thing about your job?
A- After years of working in corporate jobs, I now have the flexibility to work for myself which is easier when you are juggling parenthood, a business, and life generally.

Q- What is the least favorite thing about your job?
A- The irony is that (in my answer above) it is 24/7. But that is the industry.

Q- If you could change one thing about the industry what would it be? And why?
A- People have a misconception of horse racing (outside of the industry) that is based on what they have heard from others. We are a highly regulated industry and one that isn’t given nearly enough credit.

Q- Most rewarding moment for you since the conception of Kurrinda Bloodstock?
A- The evolution of the farm. What was an idea at first and 40 acres of overgrown land to what is now.

Q- If you could invite 3 people to dinner dead or alive who would it be?
A- Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, and Oprah

Q- Away from KB how do you like to unwind? Your perfect weekend?
A- I’ll let you know when and if I have the answer to this one in the future!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Gen that little bit better. Gen is an integral part of what makes Kurrinda Bloodstock great, personally as an employee/co-worker she is an amazing person to work with always approachable, understanding and helpful characteristics evident how she goes about her business each and every day.

Kurrinda Bloodstock Syndications offers racehorse ownership opportunities with a commitment to transparency and owner engagement
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