Powerful Gai Waterhouse/Bott Stable still think room for improvement on incredible 2024 season

Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott one of the most powerful and successful training partnerships in the Australian Racing Scene, have had an incredible 2024 season and look to go even better next season. Kurrinda Bloodstock offers owners the chance to get involved in racehorse shares with the stable
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Their two-year-olds have been the star act, but Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott are having a memorable season across the board

Tulloch Lodge duo Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott believe there is still room for improvement despite being poised to celebrate their best season since launching their training partnership nine years ago.

A double at Canterbury on Wednesday for Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott took the pair to 165 wins this season, equalling their previous best mark set in the 2017-18 racing term.

Included in that haul has been six Group 1s, highlighted by Lady Of Camelot’s Golden Slipper triumph and Alligator Blood’s Underwood – Might And Power Stakes double in the spring for Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott.

While delighted with the stable’s results, Bott says they won’t be resting on their laurels and will instead look to continue building the quality of their team.

“It’s good to see it all coming to fruition, but there are still areas we want to improve on and areas we think we can, so that’s next year’s challenge,” Bott said.

“There is a good number of winners but also within that, a large majority of them have been in the right races. That has been the key, trying to increase the quality.

“It’s also a reflection of the industry itself, the strength of the prizemoney and no doubt those levels have naturally increased and inflated as well, which helps.”

The postponement of Saturday’s Randwick meeting left Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott with just one weekend representative in Zoumon, who couldn’t add to their tally of wins when finishing unplaced in the Ipswich Cup.

Bott says they will look to roll out a decent number of runners over the coming weeks and should have a strong squad for the McKell Cup meeting at Rosehill.

“Next Saturday we will have a few more runners,” he said.

“We had quite a few trial last week at Randwick, so we could have a flurry of runners before the end of the season.”

Gai Waterhouse and Bott have five-and-a-half weeks to build on their season tally of winners before the end of the racing term on July 31.

‘Greatest ever marketing exercise’: How Gai Waterhouse sold Storm Boy at the pub

When Gai Waterhouse arrived to address a group of Penrith businessmen about investing in racehorse ownership, few expected what happened next.

It was a windy, cool day in August last year and racing’s first lady was holding court in the beer garden of the Log Cabin, which overlooks the Nepean River and boasts the majestic Blue Mountains as a backdrop.

Suddenly, a horse float pulls up in the car park and Gai Waterhouse has an unnamed two-year-old filly paraded in front of her potential clients.

Waterhouse was starting her sales pitch when she was drowned out by an impatient colt making a commotion in the float.

The champion trainer Gai Waterhouse asked for the colt to be paraded and the businessmen were immediately awe struck by the two-year-old’s powerful presence.

The colt had a real swagger about him and towered over the filly. This was going to be an easy sell for Gai Waterhouse.

“I had no idea Gai Waterhouse was bringing a horse out,” said Lou Zivanovic, the former Penrith Panthers first-grader who was among the onlookers that day.

“But it was the greatest marketing exercise I have ever seen in my life.”

Gai Waterhouse revealed there was only about 20 percent left in the colt by American triple crown winner Justify and the first foal out of Fastnet Rock mare, Pelican.

Before Gai Waterhouse left Penrith that afternoon, the colt was essentially fully sold with two local groups, one from the Log Cabin and the other from the Australian Arms Hotel, splitting the final shares in the colt.

Zivanovic was in the Log Cabin syndicate that purchased 10 percent of the Justify colt, each member paying about $6,000 for their one percent share.

“During the course of the afternoon, we all had a few beers and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to buy a full 10 percent of the colt,” Zivanovic said.

“So, I asked ‘Lumpy’ (Paul Lumtin) to ask Gai for me and I was told I needed to have the $58,000 ready that afternoon.

“I’d had a few beers and I don’t like mixing drinking with business so I said I would get onto it the next day.

“But by that time all the shares were sold. If I had got onto it straight away, the $58,000 could have turned into $6 million.”

The Justify colt later named Storm Boy would go unbeaten in four starts for  Gai Waterhouse and co-trainer Adrian Bott, was the hot favourite to win the $5m TAB Golden Slipper at Rosehill Gardens, and has subsequently been sold to Coolmore in a deal potentially worth $60 million, a world record for a two-year-old.

This extraordinary story began in July last year when Lumtin, a Penrith accountant, reached out to Waterhouse to see if she was interested in travelling out west and addressing the local group, Olatype, a club of Penrith businessmen that meet for lunch once a month.

“I wrote Gai Waterhouse a letter asking if she would address our Christmas in July luncheon before about 50 businessmen from the local area,” Lumtin said.

“But Gai Waterhouse staff replied and said ‘no’, explaining that she is very busy and is cutting back on speaking engagements.”

Lumtin wasn’t deterred and tried again a month later. He was shocked when Gai Waterhouse rang him personally.


Gai Waterhouse with Storm Boy in the backdrop at the Log Cabin. 

“Out of the blue, Gai Waterhouse called, and said she would love to come out to Penrith,” Lumtin said.

“I know she has a few connections in the area, her husband, Rob, and Peter McCoy from the Australian Arms Hotel are good mates.

“All Gai Waterhouse asked was if she could bring a couple of horses with her.”

Lumtin, who has been involved in a few racehorses over the years but his results were “nothing spectacular”, received permission from the Log Cabin management for Gai Waterhouse to parade the two-year-olds in the hotel car park.

This is where the story takes an unexpected turn. Gai Waterhouse sent Lumtin an email three weeks prior to the luncheon advising she was bringing out a colt by Golden Slipper winner Capitalist along with a filly.

Then a couple of days before she was due to address the Penrith group, Gai Waterhouse revealed a colt by Justify would be on the float, not the Capitalist colt as first planned.

“When we got told it was a Justify colt, it really didn’t mean anything to us, we were just happy to have Gai Waterhouse coming out to speak to our group,” Lumtin said.

“It was a pretty full house that day, Gai Waterhouse is a popular lady, and the filly was paraded first but the colt was making a lot of noise in the float.

“Gai Waterhouse asked for the colt to come out and I wish I could have had a video of everyone’s faces. We couldn’t believe the size of him, compared to the filly he looked a monster.

“He’s a big boy, like his dad, and despite everything that was going on, he paraded really well because he has such a good temperament. He doesn’t get rattled.

“Then Gai Waterhouse did her spruiking thing. She said my father used to say don’t sell horses that are going to take a long time to get to the races, give me something that can race now like these two-year-olds.”

Lumtin didn’t need any more convincing and neither did a group of his mates. He organised the Log Cabin syndicate that purchased a 10 per cent share in the Justify colt that was later called Storm Boy. More about the naming of the horse later.

Matthew Freeburn, a Penrith surveyor, put together the Australian Arms Hotel syndicate which secured the remaining shares in Storm Boy.

Sydney Racing

Freeburn has shares in Russian Roni with Gai Waterhouse and Bott but Storm Boy is an altogether different ownership experience.

“We have been excited by every trial and every start Storm Boy has had,” Freeburn said.

“There are not many horses that don’t lose a trial and not many horses that don’t lose a race. At the time, he had won three trials and four races so we can’t complain about that.

Coolmore Australia supremo Tom Magnier negotiated the purchase of a 70 per cent share in Storm Boy after the colt’s runaway Magic Millions win.

The sale is subject to confidentiality clauses which prevents Zivanovic, Lumtin, Freeburn and others from discussing the details but The Daily Telegraph understands the deal is made up of three parts including Coolmore’s initial $22m outlay to buy into Storm Boy.

If Storm Boy was to win the Golden Slipper, Coolmore had agreed to pay another $25m and then a further $13m payment would have been made if the colt completes the juvenile triple crown with wins in the Inglis Sires Produce Stakes and Champagne Stakes next month.

The $60 million package would be a world record for a two-year-old.

Juvenile sensation Storm Boy was the $2.10 favourite ahead of another unbeaten Coolmore colt, Switzerland at $4.50. They dominated TAB Fixed Odds betting which the rest of the Slipper field rated at $11 or longer.

The brilliant Gai Waterhouse and Bott-trained colt was named by Lumtin after the hit 1976 Australian movie, Storm Boy, which was based on the 1964 novel by Colin Thiele.

“When it came to naming the horse, my wife said what about Mr Percival from the movie, Storm Boy,” Lumtin said.

“I watched Storm Boy as a kid, it is one of my favourite movies, and I loved the name ‘Storm Boy’,

“So, I got a bit sneaky because I organised all my mates to vote for Storm Boy. Matthew rang me up and said nice work ‘Lumpy’, you rigged the vote, it was all kind of funny.”


Storm Boy marks a striking presence at the Log Cabin Hotel in August last year 

Lumtin revealed that the name, “Storm Boy”, had been used on a racehorse previously but just two weeks before they were due to register their colt, the name became available again. Storm Boy was meant to be.

Zivanovic, who played 116 games for Penrith, managed a successful scaffolding business after his playing career ended and these days is busy building 850 apartments near Panthers Leagues Club, is philosophical about missing out on the opportunity to make about $6m out of Storm Boy if the colt had of won the triple crown this autumn carnival.

On the eve of the Golden Slipper, Zivanovic reflected more on his good fortune to be involved with the wonder two-year-old.

“This whole ride with Storm Boy has been surreal,” Zivanovic said.

“From the day Gai Waterhouse walked into the beer garden, looking fabulous as always, and then bringing Storm Boy out of the float, it’s been an incredible few months.

“I still find it hard to believe that the horse she paraded for us at the Log Cabin beer garden a few months ago could be worth $60 million.

Kurrinda Bloodstock/ Gai Waterhouse

Kurrinda Bloodstock provides potential owners a unique opportunity to own shares in racehorses trained by some of Australia’s most distinguished trainers, such as the legendary Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott. This partnership is celebrated for its remarkable success in the Australian racing industry, making them a coveted choice for both seasoned investors and newcomers to racehorse ownership.

Here’s an in-depth look at what makes this offering attractive:

1. Proven Training Excellence

Gai Waterhouse

  • Background: Gai Waterhouse, inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame, is renowned for her charismatic presence and unparalleled success. With over 150 Group 1 wins, including major races like the Melbourne Cup and Golden Slipper, her expertise is a valuable asset.
  • Training Philosophy: Known for her meticulous attention to detail, she employs innovative training techniques, ensuring that horses reach their peak potential.
  • Legacy: Gai Waterhouse has consistently produced top-tier racehorses, making her a trusted name in racing circles.

Adrian Bott

  • Background: Adrian Bott, who co-trains with Waterhouse, complements her experience with modern training approaches and fresh insights into horse management.
  • Dynamic Partnership: Together, Waterhouse and Bott combine traditional expertise with contemporary strategies, forming one of the most successful training duos in the industry.

2. Kurrinda Bloodstock’s Approach to Ownership

Diverse Ownership Models

  • Share Ownership: Kurrinda Bloodstock offers fractional ownership, allowing individuals to buy shares in a racehorse. This model reduces the financial burden while providing the excitement and potential returns of owning a racehorse.
  • Cost-Effective: Owners only pay for a share of the expenses, including training, veterinary care, and entry fees, making it more accessible compared to full ownership.

Professional Management

  • Expert Guidance: Kurrinda Bloodstock provides professional management services, handling everything from selection and purchase to day-to-day care and training. This ensures that horses are in the best hands and that owners can focus on the enjoyment and rewards of ownership.
  • Transparent Communication: Regular updates on the horse’s progress, race plans, and financial summaries are provided, keeping owners informed and engaged.

3. Opportunities for Success

Strategic Horse Selection

  • Pedigree and Potential: Kurrinda Bloodstock collaborates with Waterhouse and Bott to select horses with promising pedigrees and potential, aiming for high performance in races.
  • Market Insights: Their deep understanding of the racing market helps in identifying horses that are likely to perform well, offering owners a better chance at success.

Access to Premier Races

  • Elite Competitions: Horses trained by Waterhouse and Bott often compete in prestigious races, providing owners with the thrill of participating at the highest levels of the sport.
  • Winning Record: The training partnership’s track record includes multiple wins in high-stakes races, reflecting their ability to prepare horses for top-tier competition.

4. The Thrill of Involvement

Race Day Experience

  • Owner Privileges: Shareholders often receive special privileges on race days, such as access to the mounting yard, exclusive areas, and direct involvement in the pre-race preparations.
  • Community and Networking: Owning a share in a racehorse also offers the chance to meet like-minded enthusiasts, industry professionals, and form connections within the racing community.


Investing in shares of racehorses through Kurrinda Bloodstock and having them trained by Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott presents a compelling opportunity. It combines the thrill of racehorse ownership with the assurance of being associated with one of Australia’s most successful training partnerships. This model democratizes the ownership experience, making it accessible and potentially rewarding for a broader audience while being supported by a team with a proven track record of success.

The Microphone Colt below is just one of the very exciting prospects Kurrinda Bloodstock has with the Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott Stable, to view all of our exciting racehorse share opportunities visit our website https://kbloodstock.com.au

Meet Microphone X Miramare

This Colt is by the exciting young sire Microphone, Champion 2 year old in Australia 2018-2019, a Group 1 winning 2 year old and one of the fastest sons of Champion sire Exceed and Excel. He dam Miramare is by one of Australasia’s leading broodmare sires of all time and multiple Champion NZ sire O’Reilly. She is regally bred being a Full sister to Group 1 winning sprinter Shamexpress.

He is an extremely well balanced colt that moves with swagger and has a bombproof attitude, everything he does he seems to do with the utmost of ease. He is a beautiful specimen of a horse one that oozes quality.

This colt will be trained by Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott out of the historic Tulloch Lodge stables Sydney and will have every chance.

This Colt is eligible for the lucrative Magic Millions race series and BOBS bonus scheme.

To view all of our exciting racehorse share opportunities visit our website https://kbloodstock.com.au

Kurrinda Bloodstock a registered racehorse syndicator that goes above and beyond for their owners. A proven and trusted racehorse syndicator with over 48 years of experience and proven success to back it up, find your next winner with us
Kurrinda Bloodstock Syndications offers racehorse ownership opportunities with a commitment to transparency and owner engagement
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