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Caulfield Horse Racing is an exciting word in the race horse world with years of history, become part of that history and make your own today through Kurrinda Bloodstock a proven and trusted syndicator offering high quality racehorse shares


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Caulfield Horse Racing & Racing in Victoria

Caulfield Horse Racing Race Course

Caulfield Horse Racing is one of the most famous racetracks in Australia and each spring hosts the famous Caulfield Cup one of the most iconic races to be run in Caulfield Horse Racing.

In early 2000, the Melbourne Racing Club and Victorian industry spent considerable money on improving the track, which has been a great success Caulfield Horse Racing HQ.

The Melbourne Racing Club races 60 times per year and Caulfield is its premier Caulfield Horse Racing racetrack.

Its other circuit, Sandown, is mainly used for midweek and winter racing to preserve the pristine Caulfield Horse Racing grass.

Major Races in Caulfield Horse Racing

The Caulfield Cup ranks among the top five races in the country and is run in mid-October each spring.

Other spring features of Caulfield Horse Racing are the Caulfield Guineas for 3YO colts and the 1000 Guineas for the fillies.

In autumn the track The Caulfield Horse Racing features the Blue Diamond for the two-year-olds, the country’s number two race for the juveniles.

The History of Caulfield Horse Racing

Caulfield Racecourse, often referred to as “The Heath,” is one of Australia’s most iconic racing venues, located in Melbourne, Victoria. Its history dates back to 1859 when the Victoria Amateur Turf Club (later renamed the Melbourne Racing Club) established it. The racecourse was named after the suburb it resides in, which itself was named after John Caulfield, a local property owner in the mid-19th century.

Initially, Caulfield Racecourse was a modest facility with basic tracks and minimal infrastructure. However, the enthusiasm for horse racing in Victoria spurred significant developments over the years. The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw major improvements, transforming Caulfield horse racing premier racing venue. The construction of grandstands, better track conditions, and modern amenities propelled Caulfield to the forefront of not only Caulfield horse racing but Australian racing.

One of the most significant milestones in the Caulfield Horse Racing history was the inauguration of the Caulfield Cup in 1879. The Caulfield Cup quickly became one of Australia’s most prestigious horse races, attracting top competitors and drawing large crowds. Over the years, the racecourse has undergone several renovations and expansions, notably in the 1920s and the 1990s, ensuring that it remains a top-tier venue for horse racing.

Caulfield Racecourse: A Pinnacle of Caulfield Horse Racing in Victoria

Caulfield Racecourse is widely regarded as one of the pinnacles of horse racing in Victoria, standing alongside Flemington Racecourse, which hosts the Melbourne Cup. Several factors contribute to its esteemed status in the racing community:

  1. Caulfield Horse Racing Prestigious Races: Caulfield is home to several high-profile races that are integral to the Australian racing calendar. The most notable among them is the Caulfield Cup, a Group 1 handicap race held annually in October. This race is a key lead-up to the Melbourne Cup and attracts elite horses from around the world. Other prestigious races include the Caulfield Guineas, the Blue Diamond Stakes, and the C.F. Orr Stakes.
  2. Caulfield Horse Racing Rich Heritage: The racecourse’s long and storied history adds to its allure. Over the decades, Caulfield has been the stage for countless memorable moments, legendary horses, and celebrated jockeys. The traditions and heritage associated with the venue make it a beloved institution in the racing community.
  3. Caulfield Horse Racing Strategic Location: Located in the heart of Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, Caulfield Racecourse is easily accessible to racing enthusiasts. Its proximity to the city center and excellent transport links ensure large and enthusiastic crowds for major racing events.
  4. Caulfield Horse Racing World-Class Facilities: Continuous investments in infrastructure and facilities have kept Caulfield Racecourse at the cutting edge of the sport. Modern grandstands, state-of-the-art training facilities, and well-maintained tracks provide an exceptional experience for both participants and spectators.

Memorable Races and Legendary Horses

Caulfield Racecourse has been the backdrop for numerous unforgettable races and legendary horses that have left an indelible mark on Caulfield Horse Racing history. Here are some of the most notable:

The Caulfield Cup

The Caulfield Cup is the crown jewel of the racecourse’s calendar. It has witnessed extraordinary performances from some of the greatest racehorses. One such memorable race was in 1996 when the champion Might and Power, trained by Jack Denham and ridden by jockey Jim Cassidy, won the Caulfield Cup by an astonishing seven-and-a-half lengths. Might and Power’s dominance continued that year as he went on to win the Melbourne Cup, cementing his status as one of the all-time greats in Caulfield Horse Racing.

In 2001, Ethereal, trained by Sheila Laxon, achieved a remarkable double in Caulfield Horse Racing by winning both the Caulfield Cup and the Melbourne Cup. Ethereal’s performance in the Caulfield Cup was particularly noteworthy for her powerful finish, which left the competition in her wake. This achievement made her the first mare to win both cups in the same year since 1954.

The Caulfield Guineas

The Caulfield Guineas, a Group 1 race for three-year-olds, is another highlight of the Caulfield racing calendar. One of the most memorable editions of this race occurred in 2009 when the unbeaten colt, Starspangledbanner, claimed victory. Trained by Leon Corstens and ridden by Danny Nikolic, Starspangledbanner showcased his incredible speed and talent, setting a race record that still stands today in Caulfield Horse Racing.

Another notable winner of the Caulfield Guineas was Redoute’s Choice in 1999. Trained by Rick Hore-Lacy and ridden by jockey Jim Cassidy, Redoute’s Choice’s triumph in the Guineas confirmed his status as one of the best colts of his generation. He later became a highly successful sire, further enhancing his legacy not only in the Caulfield Horse Racing scene but national scene.

The Blue Diamond Stakes

The Blue Diamond Stakes, Caulfield Horse Racing premier race for two-year-olds, has seen many future stars make their mark at Caulfield. In 2013, the filly Miracles of Life, trained by Daniel Clarken and ridden by apprentice jockey Lauren Stojakovic, captured the hearts of racing fans with her stunning victory. Despite being an outsider, Miracles of Life’s electrifying performance showcased her raw talent and determination.

In 2021, the colt Artorius, trained by Anthony and Sam Freedman, claimed the Blue Diamond Stakes with a breathtaking finishing burst. Artorius’s win highlighted his potential as a future champion, and he has since continued to perform impressively in other major races throughout the Caulfield Horse Racing season.

The C.F. Orr Stakes

The C.F. Orr Stakes, a Group 1 weight-for-age race held in February in Caulfield Horse Racing, is another significant event at Caulfield. In 2009, the mighty mare Typhoon Tracy, trained by Peter Moody and ridden by Luke Nolen, delivered a memorable performance to win the C.F. Orr Stakes. Typhoon Tracy’s victory was part of a remarkable career that saw her become one of Australia’s most celebrated racehorses.

In 2020, the New Zealand-bred gelding Alligator Blood, trained by David Vandyke, claimed victory in the C.F. Orr Stakes. Alligator Blood’s charismatic personality and impressive racing record made him a fan favorite, and his triumph at Caulfield added another chapter to his storied career in the Caulfield Horse Racing scene.

Conclusion of Caulfield Horse Racing

Caulfield Racecourse’s rich history, strategic location, world-class facilities, and prestigious races make it a pinnacle of racing in Victoria. The racecourse has been the stage for numerous unforgettable moments, legendary horses, and celebrated jockeys, cementing its status as a beloved institution in the racing community. From the thrilling victories in the Caulfield Cup and Caulfield Guineas to the emergence of future stars in the Blue Diamond Stakes and C.F. Orr Stakes, Caulfield continues to captivate racing enthusiasts and contribute to the enduring legacy of Australian horse racing.

The Benefits of Getting Involved with Kurrinda Bloodstock

Kurrinda Bloodstock is a name synonymous with trust, expertise, and success in the world of horse racing syndication. For those interested in experiencing the thrills of racehorse ownership, Kurrinda Bloodstock offers an unparalleled opportunity. Engaging with Kurrinda Bloodstock means becoming part of a community that values integrity, transparency, and excellence, ensuring that every shareholder enjoys a rewarding experience.

Proven and Trusted Syndicator

Kurrinda Bloodstock has built a reputation as a proven and trusted syndicator through years of consistent performance and satisfied clients. Their extensive industry knowledge, strategic horse selections, and professional management practices make them a standout in the racing syndication landscape. Key benefits of partnering with Kurrinda Bloodstock include:

  1. Expert Selection: Kurrinda Bloodstock’s team meticulously selects horses with the potential to excel on the racetrack. Their proven track record of identifying and developing top-tier racehorses provides confidence to investors.
  2. Comprehensive Management: They handle all aspects of horse ownership, from training and care to administration and communication. This allows shareholders to focus on the excitement of racing without the day-to-day hassles.
  3. Transparency: Regular updates, detailed reports, and open communication ensure that shareholders are always informed about their horse’s progress and future plans. This transparency builds trust and fosters a strong connection between the syndicate and its members.

High-Quality Tagaloa X Jasmine Wind Filly

One of the standout opportunities currently available through Kurrinda Bloodstock is the high-quality Tagaloa x Jasmine Wind filly. This filly represents the epitome of breeding excellence and racing potential, making her an attractive proposition for prospective owners.

Pedigree and Potential

  • Sire: Tagaloa, a Group 1 winner, brings an outstanding pedigree and proven performance to his progeny. Known for his speed, stamina, and versatility, Tagaloa’s offspring are highly sought after in the racing world.
  • Dam: Jasmine Wind, a well-bred mare with a strong racing record, complements Tagaloa’s attributes, promising a filly with both physical and genetic prowess.

Affordable Racehorse Shares

Kurrinda Bloodstock makes elite horse racing accessible by offering affordable shares in this remarkable filly. This approach democratizes racehorse ownership, allowing enthusiasts to participate in high-level racing without the need for a substantial financial outlay. By investing in a share, individuals can experience the thrill of owning a racehorse and the potential for significant returns on investment.

Trainer Mitch Freedman: A Rising Star

The Tagaloa x Jasmine Wind filly is in the capable hands of Group 1 winner Mitch Freedman, one of Australia’s most promising up-and-coming trainers. Freedman’s reputation for excellence and dedication makes him an ideal choice to guide this filly to success.

Achievements and Expertise

  • Group 1 Success: Mitch Freedman has already demonstrated his ability to train winners at the highest level. His Group 1 victories attest to his skill, strategy, and understanding of what it takes to succeed in elite racing.
  • Innovative Training Methods: Freedman’s approach combines traditional training techniques with modern innovations. His emphasis on horse welfare, fitness, and individualized training programs ensures that each horse reaches its full potential.
  • Passion and Dedication: Freedman’s passion for horse racing and his commitment to his craft are evident in his meticulous approach. He is known for his hands-on involvement and dedication to the horses under his care.

Why Secure Your Share Today?

Getting involved with Kurrinda Bloodstock and securing a share in the Tagaloa x Jasmine Wind filly offers numerous advantages, making it an opportunity not to be missed.

Access to Elite Racing

Owning a share in a high-quality racehorse provides access to elite racing events and the excitement of watching your horse compete against the best. This filly’s impressive pedigree and top-tier training give her the potential to excel on the racetrack.

Financial Rewards

Investing in a racehorse share can yield substantial financial rewards. Success on the racetrack can lead to significant prize money, and a well-performing horse also has potential value as a breeding prospect, offering returns beyond their racing career.

Community and Experience

Joining a syndicate like Kurrinda Bloodstock means becoming part of a passionate community of racing enthusiasts. The camaraderie, shared experiences, and collective celebration of successes enhance the enjoyment of racehorse ownership.

Professional Management

Kurrinda Bloodstock’s comprehensive management services ensure that every aspect of the horse’s care and training is expertly handled. Shareholders can enjoy the thrill of ownership without worrying about the complexities and responsibilities involved in managing a racehorse.

Get in Touch Today

Securing your share in the Tagaloa x Jasmine Wind filly with Kurrinda Bloodstock is a step toward experiencing the ultimate thrill in horse racing. Here’s why you should get in touch today:

  1. Limited Shares Available: Shares in high-quality racehorses are limited and tend to sell out quickly. Acting promptly ensures that you don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.
  2. Potential for Success: With her impressive pedigree, expert training under Mitch Freedman, and the professional management of Kurrinda Bloodstock, this filly has all the ingredients for racing success.
  3. Unmatched Experience: From race day excitement to the potential financial rewards, owning a share in this filly promises an unmatched experience for any racing enthusiast.


Kurrinda Bloodstock offers a unique opportunity to become involved in the exciting world of horse racing through their proven and trusted syndication model. The high-quality Tagaloa x Jasmine Wind filly, with shares available at an affordable price, presents a compelling investment. Under the expert guidance of Group 1-winning trainer Mitch Freedman, this filly has the potential to achieve great success on the racetrack. By securing your share today, you can embark on a thrilling journey of racehorse ownership, enjoying the many benefits and experiences that come with being part of the Kurrinda Bloodstock community.

To have your chance to be an owner in the Caulfield Horse Racing scene check out all of Kurrinda Bloodstock’s exciting ownership opportunities visit

Tagaloa X Jasmine Wind Filly

Meet Tagaloa X Jasmine Wind

Tagaloa x Jasmine Wind

This Filly is by Yulong Stud’s exciting young sire Tagaloa and out of the Sebring mare Jasmine Wind. Tagaloa was an impressive winner of the 2 year old Group 1 Blue Diamond Stakes at 1200m.

A race with a rich history for producing top class stallions including Redoute’s Choice, Extreme Choice and Written By.

This Fillies dam Jasmine Wind has a pedigree littered with black type being a sister to no less than three individual stakes performers and is a from a family we know quite well.

Tagaloa has been heavily supported by the industry with some of the best judges around securing them.

This Filly was one of the best moving fillies at the Magic Millions Adelaide sale, she is a very athletic individual, well balanced and covers the ground with ease.

She oozed class and showed a fantastic attitude throughout, we quickly zone in on her as the filly of the sale.

This Filly will be trained by Mitch Freedman Racing. Mitch is one of the hottest up and coming trainers in Australia with the likes of Group 1 performers Attrition and Skybird.

This filly will be trained out of the state of the art Ballarat facilities and will have every chance.

This Filly is eligible for the lucrative Magic Millions race series and VOBIS bonus scheme.

Could this filly be a future star?

image3 2 1

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